Frequently Asked Questions

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1. About FindNiche

AdsReport aims to the world's most efficient tool for generating marketing data reports.
AdsReport connects advertiser marketing data and supports free editing templates to generate visual reports. We will achieve 10,000 advertiser registrations and 100,000 marketing data reports in 2020.
AdsReport is friendly to seasoned pros and total newbies alike. AdsReport's user-friendly interface makes it easy to generate and manage data information.
As of Feb. 2020 here is only Facebook supported. But you can expect that we will connect more advertising platforms.
Many users fear that their competitive information could fall into the wrong hands, we understand that. At AdsReport, we take your data security very seriously and have a security solution for that.
Nope! AdsReport works in your web browser without the use of plugins, downloads, or software. AdsReport is designed to work in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. 

2.About Operations

Data is the foundation of every single one of your marketing data reports. To import this information into our system, you first need to authorize advertising accounts for the AdsReport platform.
Title - Titles are settled in every section. The Headlines are displayed in the report, and the subtitles are used for widgets.
Campaign - Campaigns are the actual marketing ads published by advertisers.
Metric - Metrics are selected to make detailed data information range in widgets.
In fact, pretty much all widgets have their own set of options you can set to fit your needs. When you are in Edit Mode, just bring your mouse pointer over a widget to see the options.
The icon logo must be  square picture and not less than 140 x 140 pixels in size.
Logo can take up to several minutes to display. If you've just uploaded your report logo in the last few minutes and it's not displaying yet, please give it some time. 
There is NO limit on how many reports you can build. You can design and generate as many reports as you need and deliver them as often as you like. 

3. About Payment

We are currently free strategy and will be free for a long time. We hope that more users use AdsReport, which will be our greatest success.
Not the question/doubt you had in mind? Feel free to contact us.