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Why choose AdsRepot?

Make your reports more automated and professional

Automated Reports

Once you’ve created a report, you can schedule and send that report automatically as frequently as needed - monthly, weekly, daily - whatever your clients need.

Ready-Made Templates

You’ll have a variety of charts and graphs to choose from that allows you to best visually represent your data, as well as room to customize to suit your clients needs.

Share Your Report

Share your reports via PDF or use our online HTML report option – whatever suits your clients or team best or you share your e-mail's link to your team.

Agency Branded

AdReport enables you to build reports which reflect your brand by incorporating your logo, content, template and your own report


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Facebook Ads reports with custom metrics and much more.

3 Steps To Build A Report

Connect your ad accounts, then set your report template.
Then schedule or download it.


Freely edit templates to generate the data graphics you want.

Reuse templates

Easily build another report on one existed report only switch to different data source or date range.

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Want a automatic reporting? You're in the right place!


Happy Customers

Use our reporting tools today to join satisfied customers.

How to disassemble and analyze a large amount of data to obtain a feasible decision becomes a big problem. Aha ~ AdsReport !

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Maryam L.

AdsReport makes reporting automated and faster.The most important thing is that they are currently free.

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Hossein S.

Limited but free tool ! I expect it grow more powerful! Its flexibility and reporting templates have helped me a lot.

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Sarah J.
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Free !Free !Free !

Make your weekly, monthly and on the fly Facebook Insights reports in just minutes.

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