AdsReport Team

An overview of AdsReport and how to use it to generate graphical reports.

Table of contents:

– What is AdsReport

– 3 Steps to build a report

  • Step1: Connect ads account to AdsReport
  • Step2: Set the report template
  • Step3: Share or download the report

– Questions / Feedback / Bugs


What is AdsReport?
AdsReport is a helping hand for advertisers to generate advertising performance reports. It can support free editing templates to generate visual reports by connecting the advertising account. By using AdsReport, it can efficiently summarize advertising data and generate reports for work improvement.

3 Steps to build a report
Step1: Connect ads account to AdsReport

Do not forget to link your Facebook advertising accounts, only in this way,  you can access to the right data report.

 Step2:  Set the report template

  • Method1: Select report data source

Click the edit button and select the data you want based on the theme, such as active campaign or paused campaign.

  • Method2: Customize data section

In Edit Widget you can add more data indicators to enrich reports. At the same time, you can remove unnecessary indicators.

Step3: Share or download the report

Finally you can save, download, and share the professional report  according to the prompts.

Questions / Feedback / Bugs
If you have any questions about AdsReport, feel free to contact us by clicking the chat bubble button in the bottom right corner and we will be right there with you.