Facebook Advertising Reporting Tool —— AdsReport

Is your Facebook ad data still cluttered?

I think every one of us who has experience in ad placement will pay attention to a question: Has the ad we put in effect? In view of this problem, we need to analyze and judge the browsing data of advertisements. A variety of data measurement and control software is also presented on the Internet, such as google AgencyAnalytics, which can analyze advertising data. Of course, we also use the advertising analysis tools that come with Facebook. But in the process of using it, I found that if I want to compare the data, or graph the data, it is very difficult.

We all know that if the data of advertising browsing is graphed, it is very beneficial for us to analyze advertising trends and the advantages and disadvantages of advertising. 

AdsReport can present Facebook advertising data in the form of a report, and it is also very easy to operate. Its use can be divided into 4 steps: register an account, link Facebook advertising account, set up a dashboard, download reports.

① Register an account

The registration of AdsReport is no different from the registration of other software, just enter your email and password to register.

② Link Facebook Advertising Account

After the account login is successful, click connector to associate with your Facebook account with an advertising account. If there is no connection with the advertising account, there is no way to generate a report, because there is no real data source, only the debugging of the sample can be performed.

③Set up the dashboard

The process of setting up the dashboard is the process of drawing the report. We need to select the content that each chart section needs to present and adjust it by clicking the set button in the upper right corner. Each section can select the data they need through the settings. If the page content is insufficient, you can select Add Section on the left to add pages

④ Download report

After setting the report, click save and download in the upper right corner, select the report time to download. AdsReport can generate online links, share the links to others, others click on the link to see the report, eliminating various problems caused by the format in the report transmission, a very convenient function.

Of course, this software doesn’t only have this function. More useful functions need to be explored by yourself. This software is free to use, and it will not charge for the production of the report. After self-use, the processing and analysis of advertising data have made relatively good progress. In addition to self-analysis, the report can also be shared with others, quickly and easily. Worth a try.