How advertising agencies successfully conduct Facebook advertising campaigns?

Social media marketing has become very common in recent years, and Facebook, the leader of social media, has naturally brought a lot of traffic to the business sector. At the same time, more and more companies have created Facebook Pages on Facebook and started various Facebook ads. A successful agency often has three steps in its Facebook advertising campaign.

Find effective creatives to create ads.

Creating ads is the first step in advertising marketing. Many companies or companies have done this, but when creating ads, they should not be confused. The creative ideas are important, but existing effective creative materials Never forget.

How to stand out among tens of thousands of Facebook ads is worthy of our in-depth exploration and discovery. We’re going to watch those successful ads and look for gains and new inspiration. For example, Danbury Mint’s successful marketing case, they choose carousel as the main advertising form in Facebook ads, by displaying up to 10 pictures or 10 videos in a festive advertisement. Since January 2018, their advertising campaign has continued until Valentine’s Day, and they have finally received a 5x return in the advertising campaign. Zh

So how to collect advertising data from friends is the first step we need to do. In fact, there are many spy tools that will help. Such as the Adlibrary Helper, which is a Google plug-in that shares a database with Facebook. It can search for any ads we need, and can ensure the accuracy of the ad data. Viewing competitors’ ads will allow for more inspiration, so that the audience of friends and merchants can be transferred to your products.

Analyzing the audience

Tens of millions of users in the world, who will really need your product then? Large-volume advertising will certainly attract users, but it will waste a lot of resources. Analyze your audience reasonably and achieve precise delivery will save money and increase conversion rate.

Search out your ads in the Adlibrary Helper, then click on the details to see your user profile, such as gender and location. By examining the audience, this will help marketers identify the target audience for a particular product and contribute to a successful marketing campaign.

Data report

A successful agency will never forget to run an ad to conduct a report analysis, because past data will tell us what the problem is.

Data is like history, and history can be used as a mirror to tell whether it is good or bad. Looking at the data, we can understand the advantages and disadvantages of advertising products. For example, the click-through rate of an ad can tell us what the user ’s first impression of the ad is, the duration of the ad can tell us how much the user is paying attention to the product, and so on.

If this data is completely generated into a data report, including audience analysis, then we can better record and plan. Using AdsReport can complete the report generation. At present, AdsReport can be directly connected to Facebook advertising accounts to achieve direct report data generation. Successful case reports allow more people to analyze and draw lessons together. Therefore, a report is very important to the value of the agency.

In short, to successfully complete Facebook advertising campaigns, marketers should value creative ideas and target audiences through advertising spy tools or other methods, while also conducting data report review analysis. In fact, these three points are a cyclic process, and each part can get new results. After improvement, repeat the process, keep improving, and slowly you are the successful case.